Friday, February 19, 2010

Not doing so well

So the first day is always the hardest right? I did OK through breakfast and then found myself actually hungry for lunch. Didn't fair to well though. I had my first Cherry Coke today which will hopefully be the only. I found myself back in the pantry eating little Debbie cakes after a sensible lunch, and a handful of Doritos. I feel better though, at about this time I have usually already consumed two cokes and want to take a nap because I ate to much. I was going to exercise but couldn't find the motivation to do it. I am feeling better now and hopefully will do it when Bryce goes down for a nap. I know that I need to do better, I want to do better. This blog is going to be a reflection on how I am handling it. What I need to say to myself and hopefully will get some help from others along the way.

Things need to change...I need to change.....

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