Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Morning Day #1

As sad as this may be I woke right up this morning thinking about what I am going to have for breakfast even before I got out of bed. Why? I wasn't even hungry, I need to get to the bottom of this problem. I know that I had some strange dreams and I woke up feeling abandoned and my mind went straight to food.

But to be proud of myself I made a small toast and one egg meal, then found myself after the donuts in the pantry. I had one but one is a good start for me, I think that I ate 10 or more yesterday, you know those Delicious little Mrs. Baird's powdered sugary goodness. Anyways I only had one. Go me!

So I am off to start my morning with some chores and then an overview of the weight watchers program, then hopefully some good exercises with my friend Billy Blanks. Love him. He kicks my butt every time.

My Goal is to drop 40 pounds then start in on P90X. Which has been taking up space on my floor for almost a year. Courage people Courage.

I am working on it. To the First day of a better life.

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